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Spanish royal association exhibition planning


Introduction of the Royal Spanish Artists Association
Commissioned by King Alfonso XIII of Spain since 1881          
The Royal Spanish Artists Association is located in the Savasona Palace in the center of Barcelona, Spain, with a history of 137 years. It is the only association of artists appointed by the King in Spain.
The association integrates the functions of art academy, art club and art foundation, and brings together the world's most famous contemporary artists such as Picasso, Miró, Dali and so on. The association also owns the most important private library in Catalonia, one of the most valuable in Spain, with a collection and management of 250,000 documents, 1,800 magazines, 20 ancient books, 50 manuscripts and about 3,000 volumes books.
The association now has more than 500 regular members composed of artists, connoisseurs, critics, and collectors, and promotes and supports Spanish art activities through exhibitions, art courses, concerts, and artist exchanges.
The existence of the Royal Spanish Artists Association is of great significance to the development of Spanish art. Since its establishment, it has promoted and supported various forms of art and cultural activities by offering art courses, holding concerts and artist exchanges, and holding exhibitions, and has an important international influence.


Structure of the Royal Society of Spanish Artists


Some important members of the Royal Society of Artists of Panya
#Pablo Picasso #Salvador Dali #Joan Miro
 #Montserrat Caballe #Josep Carreras #Conxita Bentz Oliver



Introduction to the exhibition hall
The headquarters of the Royal Society of Artists in Panya consists of two 16th-century classical buildings, Casa Piginelli and Casa Bassols.
Located in the heart of Barcelona. The building is very characteristic, the main structure consists of ground floor, mezzanine, normal floor, terrace, roof
The most representative structure is the "L" structure located on Cucurulla Street, which leads to the southern end of the building
The lowest level. The headquarters of the Royal Society of Artists is a typical aristocratic building, with windows, friezes and columns all beautifully carved
Sculptural art works, according to the founding myth of Barcelona, have a representation of the work of Hercules in the center of each lintel
Badge. Its Atlantis Hall is based on Atlantis mythology, and the whole is painted with domes and sculptures of columns.
It is an extremely precious artistic treasure


Salvador Domingo Philippe Jacinto Dali-Domenech, Marquis of Pupol, referred to as Salvador Dali (Salvador Dalí). Born in Figueres, Spain on May 11, 1904, and died on January 23, 1989. Salvador Dali was a Spanish Catalan painter of exceptional genius and imagination, known for his surrealist works. His work is a surprising blend of eerie, dream-like imagery with superb draftsmanship and painting techniques influenced by Renaissance masters. His obsession with doing something out of the ordinary to attract attention has affected his public artistic image, much to the distress of his art lovers and critics.
Representative works "The Eternity of Memory", "An Andalou Dog", "The Shrew and the Moon", "Omens of Civil War" and so on. He made a serious contribution to surrealism and to 20th century art in turning the subjective world of dreams into an objective and exciting image



Pablo Picasso (Spanish: Pablo Picasso, October 25, 1881 ~ April 8, 1973), full name Pablo Diego Jose Francisco di Paula Juan Napomucino Maria de los Remedios Cipriano di la Santo Cima Trinidad Luis Picasso Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Picasso), Spanish painter, sculptor, member of the French Communist Party. He is the founder of modern art and the main representative of Western modernist painting. Picasso is the most creative and far-reaching artist in the contemporary West, and one of the greatest artistic geniuses of the 20th century. Representative works: "Guernica", "Dove of Peace", "Girl of Avignon" and "Life".


Alberto Carrera (1952-2016) was born in Huesca, northern Spain, and lived in Barcelona before his death. His paintings are like a diary of his life, reflecting his emotional relationship with the world he lives in. His work is loaded with positive energy. The tenacious and complex interface revealed from the portraits and body movements of unknown subjects hints at the The inevitable arrival of a tragic existence, this kind of tragic tragedy is full of compassion and philosophical thinking.
Art history: In 2015, "Time is also color" was exhibited at Goya, and the works were collected. In 2013, "The color of the night" was in the hall of the Palace of Villahermosa. In 2011, "Role" was in the Maria Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles. In 2008, " Another Gaze, Undoing the Pillars" at the National Gallery of Art in Dakar, Senegal


John Clarke graduated from the Ruskin School of Fine Art, Oxford University in 1986. In the years that followed, Clark worked primarily in sculpture, taught at art colleges, and worked in galleries. Clark later worked for Sony as an art director for five years. For more than ten years, Clark has never given up on the pursuit of painting. Finally, in 2010, Clark resigned from his job and returned to the identity of a freelance painter and began to devote himself to painting.
Since 2015, John Clarke has exhibited in London, New York, Bristol and Cambridge, including the Royal Academy of Arts. In addition to these exhibitions, he has given public performances, art fairs, and been a guest artist on BBC Television's 'I Tell Monet', and the British Guardian's 'From Wire to Canvas' column. Clark is currently working hard to complete oil painting orders received from all over the world, and is creating a series of works that will be exhibited in Stockholm, New York and London. Clark's works express the state and psychology of contemporary professional life through simple themes and images, allegories: professionalism, teamwork, tolerance, sense of responsibility, and of course the lack of personal cognition hidden under the surface. of despair. The process and techniques of painting are integrated with the thinking of the living conditions of professionals in modern society. The thoughts and emotions expressed in Karak's paintings are not as simple as painting geometric dolls. The noise of the puppets on his canvas and the single image that can hardly be seen in the dark form a strong contrast, creating a strange and incomprehensible sense of tranquility and loneliness.


These four Korean artists are important art workers active in the Korean art market and have participated in many Korean art exhibitions. This work is mainly made of stainless steel sculptures, and it is also an important performance of their tribute to the master.



Artist: Pablo Picasso Pablo Picasso Title: Absinthe and Fruit Bowl
   Composed of glass and fruit bowl Type of work: Painted copperplate and copperplate painting
   Color etching and copper-plate engraving
Work Size: 83.5X63cm
Created: 1965
Paper: French deoxidation arch paper
Signature Status: Artist Signed
Publisher: Ateller Crommelynck, Paris
Publication History: Mallen, Enrique, ed. (OPP) 1997-2015 Online Picasso Project.
Sam Houston State University. (65:016)



Salvador Dali|Salvador Dalí's "Four Seasons" series has either frontal or side profile figures, corresponding to representatives of different seasons according to each title
Sexual scenes, such as butterflies flying in spring, blooming flowers in summer, plump poppies in autumn, and footprints after stepping on snow in winter, people can see that although the
Dali, whose label is realism, also has realistic or freehand brushwork style of picture performance, and has a display similar to Chinese painting using ink to express interest. for writers,
The seasons have been a recurring theme for painters, musicians and artists. This work belongs to Dali's Four Seasons (Las cuatro estaciones) series.
The subheadings are:
Four Seasons · Spring / Las cuatro estaciones, La primavera
Four Seasons Summer/Las cuatro estaciones, El verano
Seasons·Autumn/Las cuatro estaciones, El otoño
Seasons · Winter / Las cuatro estaciones, El invierno



#作者: 萨尔瓦多•达利|Salvador Dalí 


#作者: 萨尔瓦多•达利|Salvador Dalí 


作者: Alberto Carrera(阿尔贝特∙卡雷拉)


作者: John Clark|约翰•克拉克


KIM, BYUNG KYU(김병규)   金炳奎                                     JANG SUNG JAE-蔣 成在                           


Name. Kim, sung bok




Exhibition hall floor plan                    Xiamem XINGMINGJIN Biography Opportunity

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