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 About us


Greetings. We are the company XIAMEN XINGMINGJIN SCULPTURE CO.,LTD known for professional creation of stainless steel (metal) forging, bronze, and stone sculptures. 


 Since we started our own business in this area, continuously, we are very focus on making a collaboration with designers and artists who have discerning and insightful point of views which means supporting the best way of harmonizing with them. Furthermore, we are very pleased to serve their needs as much as we can.


 The CEO has majored art and has taken part in progressing the artwork with many famous artists around the world since 1994. As you can see through our website, all the artwork is based on perfection of the finishing touches and proficiency of our own company’ skills under our owner’s coaching.


 Simply, give us your sketches or ideas and it will become a form of artwork through our company. There is no reason for hesitating to send us your basic ideas or designs of your artwork and also we can print your designs to use 3D SCAN, 3D-MAX, CAD construction. Surely, we will do our best for well-made designs and try to actualize the best form based on your ideas. Lastly, we have a great relationship with Chinese art gallery for artwork sales and exhibitions as well as in the U.S.A and Hong Kong. We can help you to develop your artwork and adding more values through our cooperation with the best curator and master.


Curator/CEO.  Shun Mei JIN

Master Craftsman. Byeong Chul JIN





- XIAMEN XINGMINGJIN SCULPTURE CO., LTD will always serve the best for you - 

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